SUSY GROUP was born from the union of two historical brands of Montebelluna Footwear District: SECAL srl and LABOS srl. The synergy between the companies and their strategic logistics have promoted mutual growth allowing to consolidate and implement productivity, quality and customer services range.


The group is specialized in thermoforming services of both natural and synthetic materials, cutting and graphic customizations. An attitude towards technological innovation to always guarantee high production standards. The R&D department plays a fundamental role in this sense, always looking for new materials and  processes. Innovation can only go hand in hand with sustainability, with the use as much as possible of eco-compatible and recycled materials and the use of renewable energy sources.

SECAL, since 1976, bases its work on the three fundamental principles that have determined its success in the footwear and related components industry, making it an excellence of MADE IN ITALY: quality, reliability and speed of execution.


The strategic position in the center of the Montebelluna Sports Footware District guarantees communication and ease of supply to the large network of companies operating in the sector.


The R&D department of fussbett and footwear accessories is constantly engaged in testing ever more reliable and performing materials.


The company’s main business is the production of insoles for all types of footwear, made using thermoforming and injection molding techniques of both plastic and natural materials.

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LABOS SRL was founded in 1972 by A. Laner and G. Boscolo in the historic headquarters in Via Canapificio in Crocetta del Montello, within the Montebelluna Footwear District.


It immediately became a point of reference in the production of thermoformed and shaped articles for the technical footwear of ski boots by collaborating with the main brands in the sector. From the inner shoe to the footbed, the company has always pursued high quality and innovative standards to respond to the increasingly demanding demands of a continuously evolving and expanding sector.


In 2016 the baton was passed with the acquisition by SUSY Group which placed key figures into the management and production departments.


It is 2018, just two years later, when the opportunity arises for a maneuver that will prove strategic for the Group: LABOS finds its new headquarters exactly opposite its sister SECAL. Riding the wave of change, the company image is also renewed: the historic name of the brand, now a respected and established identity in the sector, is of course maintained, but revisited with a more dynamic design and colours, a clear message of the generational change in the new company management, who looks to the future without forgetting its origins.


Implemented logistics and productivity have allowed to expand customer services. In addition to the consolidated thermoforming, two departments have been improved and consolidated: die cutting and pad printing. From molding to customization of the finished product for a complete service and internal quality control of the entire production process.